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Looking to get in touch with a member of our board or coach? We have everyone listed below as well as the area coordinators for each city. Please join our facebook page for daily updates.

Area Coordinators

Zayd Cajee

Kassidy Hamilton

Fayssal Mouiha

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James M. Hill Field Configuration
King Street Turf

101 King St, Miramichi, NB
Field Type: Synthetic Turf
Parking Available

James M. Hill High School

128 Henderson St, Miramichi, NB
Field Type: Grass
Parking Available

Dr. Losier Middle School

124 Henderson St, Miramichi, NB
Field Type: Grass
Parking Available

Board Members

Zayd Cajee


Craig Silliker

Vice President

Sean Legassie


Jonathan Blackmore

Competitive Program Coordinator

Kait Mcgraw

Employee Coordinator

Lisa Silliker


Kevin Swaine


Non-Board Members

Greg Macdiarmid


Competitive Coaches

U11 Boys

Mike Richards
Wayne Mullin

U11 Girls

Jeremy Dickson
Nathan Jordan
Owen Gibson

U13 Boys

Gerrit Bosma
Jason Howe
Dyson Waterbury

U13 Girls

Carmen Stewart
Brent MacEachern
Kirsten & Avery Scott

U15 Boys

Craig Silliker
Agib Faizal

U15 Girls

Julianna Augustine
Jenna Augustine

U18 Boys

Greg McGuire
Gerry Richard
Jordan Penny

U18 Girls

Kevin Swaine
Evan Woods


Want to Join The Club?

We are always looking for people to help within the club so if this is something you would like more information about, please reach out to our club director or click on the "Get Involved" link.

Mailing Address

PO Box 164
Miramichi PO Main, NB
E1V 3M3